Aidbox Overview

We built Aidbox with the FHIR standard. FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is an open HL7 standard and specification for storing and exchanging healthcare data by leveraging modern web technologies.

The FHIR standard currently describes about 116 models for storing health data, and these units are called Resources (such as Patient, Encounter, Observation etc.). FHIR uses a REST API to access and manipulate the data (Create, Update, Search, etc).

Aidbox is a FHIR server as a service with useful additions.

With Aidbox, you can focus on your business ideas validation, and leave the backend technical details to us.

Aidbox provides you with everything you need to start building your healthcare application:

  • A scalable and powerful PostgreSQL database (fhirbase) to store and query your data
  • FHIR compliant REST API to access and manipulate this data
  • OAuth 2.0 and flexible security rules to control access to application data
  • API to manage application users, with optional registration module
  • Terminology servers for popular medical coding systems (LOINC, SNOMED, ICD10, RxNorm) and custom dictionaries (ValueSets)
  • Hosting for Single Page Applications written in HTML and JavaScript

With Aidbox, you can easily develop Mobile, Single Page, and classic Web Applications.

Box Management Overview

If you already have an Aidbox account, then you can create your own boxes. Each box is an instance of FHIR server with a separate database and URL.

For example, you can create several boxes for development, one box for staging, and another for production.

Boxes can be created from the Dashboard, using REST API, or aidbox-cli util.

We take care of all the maintaining, scaling and updating of your boxes.

Box management is done on the 'Dashboard' page. 

The 'Dashboard' is a place where you can see all your existing boxes, and create, manage, share and destroy boxes. Each box in the Dashboard has a name, an URL where it will be deployed, a list of users the box is shared with, a destroy option and a payment plan indicator.

The primary box interface is a REST API. Each box is fully compliant to the FHIR specification.

Users and Groups Overview

Each aidbox box has its own users and security rules. You can use the REST API, Box Admin UI or aidbox-cli to manage users in an Aidbox box. You can also enable the registration module to allow users to register in an Aidbox box by themselves.

Users could be assigned to groups and for each group you can create specific security rules.

Users and Groups tools are used to create, edit and delete box users and user groups. These users' credentials are used to log in the application working on the top of the Aidbox box.

Policies Overview

Policy is a JSON schema filtering REST requests. A request succeeds if at least one of the policies is valid for it.

Clients Overview

Aidbox supports all basic OAuth 2.0 workflows:

  • Web Application (Autorization Code)
  • Single Page Applications (Implicit)
  • REST clients (Client Credentials)

See RFC6749 for more information about the OAuth 2.0 authorization.

Every box implements the OAuth 2.0 Provider Service and all REST API calls are secured by OAuth.

On the 'Clients' page you can view a list of available clients, and add or edit existing clients.

FHIR Server Overview

The FHIR REST API is one of the Aidbox core features. While our Aidbox team tries to stay close to the FHIR specification, it's not always worthwhile or technically possible to implement some parts of the FHIR specification.

In this article we'll briefly cover all available REST interactions with links to corresponding paragraphs from FHIR Specification. Also you'll find list of unsupported or partly supported features at the end of this article.

FHIRbase Console Overview

Each Aidbox box includes a separate PostgreSQL database with an installed FHIRbase. FHIRbase is an open source extension of PostgreSQL for storing FHIR resources. 

You can get directly connect to it from the Box Administration Interface in Aidbox.

You can use the FHIRbase Console to interact with FHIRbase, and any interactions with the FHIRbase Console is performed via writing and executing PostgreSQL functions. 

Hosting Overview

You can host One Page applications (written in HTML & JavaScript) directly on your box. These applications can easily be developed on your local machine and deployed in a box in a few seconds with one command (see Quick Start).